Working together to achieve the best solution

My management style is target- and solution-orientated, shaped by empathy and motivation. I collaborate personally and respectfully.



in a team, with/toward clients and with/toward (project) employees:

As an Interim Manager, I take responsibility for creating efficient structures. In doing so, I am guided by tried and tested methods.



“A laugh opens up people, gives them confidence. And creates the basis for jointly supported solutions.”

Stefan Schrinner


OPMC operations management consulting GmbH

Stefan Schrinner works closely with the OPMC Consulting Group on strategy, process and human resources consulting. The company has many years of management and management experience in the industrial plant and product business.

RHL Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Stefan Schrinner has been working together with RHL Unternehmensberatung GmbH, founded in 1993, for several years based on a partner agreement. It guarantees that there is project-specific personnel capacity and process competence available for the respective client for every assignment.

Miebach Consulting AG

Stefan Schrinner has been working with Miebach Consulting for several years in strategic purchasing, interim management and project management for automotive and industrial companies.

As one of the largest supply chain consulting and engineering companies, Miebach Consulting develops sustainable strategies and produces sustainable solutions for structures, processes and logistics systems along the entire supply chain.

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